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Tutors are second cycle degree programme students, doctoral scholars or graduate students selected according to their curriculum and experience to tutor, guide and provide assistance to students enrolled in one of the courses offered by the University.

Students can count on tutors to solve any issues regarding their studies (e.g. curriculum choice or changes), difficulty in adapting to procedures or finding an organisational approach to studies (e. g. exam preparation), logistical problems (e.g. problems concerning lesson attendance), the use of the departmental facilities such as libraries and laboratories and assistance for the preparation of exams and a thesis.

Tutoring A.Y. 2023-2024

Information regarding tutors (office hours, place) is available on the tutoring service pages of each degree course.


Artistic and the Performing Art Heritage

  • Bartuccio Angelo
  • Fratepietro Giulia

Modern Foreign Languages and Civilisations

  • Ingrande Valentina
  • Illiano Francesca
  • Arenella Francesca
  • Sula Esmeralda

Communication and Contemporary Media for Creative Industries

  • De Francesco Beatrice
  • Panza Sofia
  • Agadi Francesco

Interpreter in Italian Sign Language and Italian Tactile Sign Language

  • Benecchi Emma


  • Bocchi Benedetta
  • Negri Alberto
  • Del Frate Roberto

Educational Sciences

  • Ahmadi Almoosavi Sarrie'(degree course tutor)
  • Marinelli Rachele (degree course tutor)
  • Itria Alessia (degree course tutor)
  • Francesca De Natale (degree course tutor)
  • Chiellino Giuliana (degree course tutor)
  • Novarini Irene (degree course tutor)

Philosophical Studies

  • Diambri Elisa (degree course tutor)
  • Incoronato Chiara (degree course tutor)
  • Pisani Irene (degree course tutor)


Department tutors are divided by location:

Via D’Azeglio Complex

  • Musca Daphne Natalia
  • Tosi Viola
  • Mancini Rebecca
  • Santi Cecilia
  • Montalto Amelia
  • Tamani Viola
  • Lebedeva Elena
  • Kurokhtina Polina

The Pilotta Complex

  • Monica Virgini
  • Rontini Alessandra
  • Inglese Alice
  • Valle Morgane Julie Helene Paulette  

Borgo Carissimi Complex

  • Mambriani Serena
  • Bassoli Marta
  • Rossi Francesca
  • Punzi Cristiana
  • Cavagni Alberto
  • Nemeyamahoro Pie

Viale San Michele Complex

  • Buhkrym Olena
  • Conti Sara
  • Abbene Elide
Internationalisation Tutor A.Y. 2023-2024

Information regarding tutors who provide assistance to students involved in activities related to international programmes and internationalisation projects is available on the International Relations page.

The names of the tutors for the academic year 2023-2024 will be communicated as soon as the selection procedures are concluded.

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