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University Centres

The University Centres, which were present in the former A.L.E.F. and L.A.S.S. departments, are now merged into the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries.

The Department also benefits from its relationship with the Study Centre and Communication Archive (CSAC) which, unlike any other Italian university institution, gathers work of art, photographaphy, architectural projects, design, fashion and graphics, and which has as its institutional aim not only the collection, conservation, cataloguing and promotion of cultural heritage, but also that of scientific and didactic consultation.


Centre for Activities and Professions in the Arts and the Performing Arts

The Centre for Activities and Professions in the Arts and the Performing Arts (C.A.P.A.S.) is a University Centre founded by proposal of Luigi Allegri. The main functions of the Centre are both research in the arts and the performing arts as well as professional training in these fields, in conjunction with public and private subjects.

The Centre also presents itself as an institutional container regarding the nature of its organisation, promotion and management of administration, and the extra and para-curricular activities of the students, which reference the artistic, cultural and communicative world and which are also considered of great interest in an overall vision of the appeal of the University itself.


Interdepartmental Centre of Social Research – Rights, Society and Civilisation (C.I.R.S.)

The research centre, which gathers together sources and experiences located in different Departments, poses itself as the single and authoritative reference point in the field of social research for associative, business and institutional, educative and social sectors, social services and civil and political initiatives, of both the city and general territory.

Social research has a unique and invaluable role: to promote a critical self-reflection of society: of all its individual parts and of itself as a whole.


Inter-university Centre for the Study of Romanticism (C.I.S.R.) – Parma Branch

The Inter-university Centre for the Study of Romanticism (CISR) organises and promotes study and research activities centred on the pivotal importance of the Romantic Period in various European cultures. With an interdisciplinary perspective, the Centre’s academics deal with all the events which precede and introduce the Romantic climate, the elements which the Romantic generations retrieved and reinvented, not to mention the subsequent effects of the Romantic culture in Europe and its traces and influences in non-European cultural fields.

The branch of the University of Parma, established after the affiliation of a group of academics in the former Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (that later merged with the Department of Classical Studies, Modern Languages, Education and Philosophy - A.L.E.F.) consists of professors of various disciplines associated with the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries, as well as external members.

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