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Research Laboratories

The Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries makes use of certain structures specialising in research in various disciplinary fields.

Catullan Study Centre Laboratory

The Catullan Study Centre Laboratory (C.S.C.), part of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries – Classics Unit, aims to create a centre for the documentation and collection of materials useful for the study of Gaio Valerio Catullo (with particular reference to manuscript tradition) and therefore a place of study for the many students and academics who would therefore benefit.

Neuroscience & Humanities Lab
Neuroscienze & Humanities

Centre for Advanced Studies in Cognitive Neuroscience & the Humanities

The interdepartmental lab N&H of the University of Parma aims to promote and develop research in the field of relations between the humanities and cognitive neurosciences. This objective is pursued through the realization of scientific research projects, workshops, seminars, conferences and conventions, promotions of research networks and Fellowships, building of national and international relations with other universities and research centers active in this field, developing partnerships both with public and private entities and institutions.

The YouTube Channel of N&H offers a series of online resources for those interested to learn more on these topics:

Inter-University Laboratory of Aesthetics (L.I.E.)

The inter-University Laboratory of Aesthetics (L.I.E.) represents the scientific centre for the in-depth study and disclosure of the topics and problems of Aesthetics as philosophical discipline, and is a dynamic organisation which organises meetings, seminars, and debates on authors and aesthetic topics, dealing with them from a theoretical and historiographical point of view, and in the presence and with the contribution of principal experts and representatives of the academic and intellectual world.

Established by and under the aegis of the second cycle degree programme in Philosophy, L.I.E. offers supplementary activities for student training, analysing in greater detail not only the course topics dealt with in the three University branches, but also general issues regarding the various fields of aesthetic study: from Communication Theory to Rhetorics and Poetics; from Visual Culture to Art Theory; from the Language of Images to Psychology and the Science of Perception. The seminars, conferences and other meetings organised by L.I.E. are also open to PhD students, subject enthusiasts and teachers.

L.I.E. is coordinated by Annamaria Contini (University of Modena-Reggio Emilia), Andrea Gatti (University of Ferrara) and Rita Messori (University of Parma).

Glottodidactic Laboratory

The Laboratory of Glottodidactics aims to promote and develop research within the fields of the acquisition and teaching of languages, didactic innovation and experimentation, and teacher training.

The laboratory is located in the Via D’Azeglio complex.

Research Laboratories in the field of Psychology

In the Borgo Carissimi complex, there are three laboratories for research in the field of Psychology:

  • an observation laboratory, with a one-way mirror that allows you to observe without being seen, as well as regular observation equipment;
  • a laboratory for the study of language, which houses an experimental device (a machine connected to a screen and a PC), that permits the detection of language perception in the first months/years of life;
  • a laboratory of Social Psychology, located in the attic room, which houses focus group activities.
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