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Research and “Third Mission” Commission

The implementation of policies that safeguard the Quality of Research and the ‘Third Mission’ (3M) is carried out by the Department in accordance with the principle of strategic planning, in order to incorporate in their specificities the University Strategic Plan and the University Integrated Plan for performance management.

The Department supports academic staff and researchers with facilities and infrastructures that facilitate the comprehensive development of basic research and of the 3M within specific fields of knowledge; it promotes interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration; it identifies the strategic principles of research and the 3M; it pursues increasing participation in competitive tenders and growth in the level of internationalisation of research activities and the 3M; it interacts with the development of higher level research (doctoral programmes, laboratories) in order to systemise the exchange and dialogue with young research assistants; it promotes the management and improvement of the monitorial and evaluative processes of Quality of Research and the 3M at a departmental level, useful for future decision-making; it carries out the systematic monitoring of research activity at each of its component levels; it monitors the diffusion of the results of research and 3M activities; it promotes collaborations and agreements with both public and private organisations in accordance with 3M programmes.

International Research Representative
National Research and ‘Third Mission’ Representative
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